Emo's - Austin, TX

by Alyssa & Dave

Supporting Acts: Ash, Kind of Like Spitting, Saturday Looks Good To Me

"All I can say is...WOW!"

I may be mistaken but I think Chris was referring to the crazy Austinians in the pit.

Anyways, let me start from the beginning.

Saturday Looks Good To Me was alright, not really something that tickled my fancy though. (last night was their last night on the tour). Kind of Like Spitting was beautiful. I was totally not let down by them. Very impressed. I feel like a bad fan though because the only songs I recognized were Dodge Dart and Passionate. No, they did not play Birds of a Feather, but I will get over it. I was one of the only people in the crowd that knew any of the words to any of their songs, and the only one that spazzed when he goes "This next song is about a car" (Dodge Dart) Well so anyways, on with that, after KOLS was done, we hounded the merch counters hoping to meet the band. There we met the bassist of KOLS. Then we went searching for (not sure but I think the lead-singer's name is Ben) Ben, and found him with a few friends. My friend Dave got his signature, and he drew a funky doodly on my KOLS sticker. I will scan that bad boy in a few. Oh yes, and something funny that the leadsinger said was this..."We were selling merch at our previous shows on this tour and we had out our vinyls, and we had kids ask us if they were the 2002 or 2003 calendars. Seriously!!" Hahaha, I got a kick out of that. Oh yeah, and not the lead singer, but the other guitarist had the flu, and had to leave during a song because he almost puked. I felt bad for him, you could tell he felt horrible. He did make a triumphant return for his solo in Passionate though, it was cool. What a trooper. Ahh yes, and there are no KOLS shirts, only records and CD's I think. They supposedly have already sold out of shirts already.

On to Ash. This is a band that I really regret not looking deeper into. The only songs I knew were Burn Baby Burn and Shining Light. I was really impressed with the quality of their live show, his vocals were excellent and the music equally as nice. If you dont know much by this band and you are going to see them soon, I really suggest you get to downloading some, they are a great band. (Sorry, but I cannot refrain from adding that the lead singer is hunkalicious.) During Ash, three of my friends and I were trying to make it up to the front so that we could have a good spot for STD. This was not a good idea. On their 2nd or 3rd to last song, the lead singer of Ash was like, "C'mon lets see you dance!!" Err, bad idea guy. Basically everyone like rushed up towards the stage. I have never felt MORE like a sardine than I did right then. Gosh. Ouch. Anyways, after a LOT of getting knocked around and attempting to hold hands or elbows or something with my friends, Ash's set was complete.

Everyone was REALLY pumped for Saves the Day. Actually the crowd was a little too pumped for me. The closest I ever got to the stage was about 8 feet away. We were packed together for at least 45 minutes waiting for the equip change. Stupid roadies couldnt get the mic's working. Anyways, finally they came on.

Man. What a rush.

I wish I could remember what song they opened with. All I can remember is that Sell My Old Clothes... was third. That was the song that I decided that this frail little 16 year old should make her way OUT of the pit. So I did. Bad idea, Alyssa!! First of all I was all by myself and second I couldnt get close to the stage at all once I headed back. I ended up about 40 feet away from the stage. I am 5'6" and I had to stand on my tippytoes a lot of the night to see Chris.

Take our Cars Now with the sax was really cool, I enjoyed that. Although I think that I can speak for a large majority of fans when I say that an acoustic part of the show would have made it a million times greater than it already was.

The setlist was pretty much all of the same songs that we already have established that they played. They didnt play Jukebox Breakdown. That was my only letdown of the night.

I almost got upset because after they left no-one was cheering for an encore, I was afraid they wouldnt come back! They played a 3 song encore, I am not sure about this but I think it consisted of Ups and Downs, one more, and they ended with At Your Funeral.

Im not sure if I have ever been happier in my life. I had such an amazing time. The sound of the band was so great. I have heard some live sets and they were not as good as last night. Whoever mentioned something about how when Chris has a guitar he doesnt move around the stage was right, his vocals are better that way.

I spent about 80% of the show by myself towards the back of the place, where no one was really getting into music. Except for one guy next to me. He was kinda older and bald and cool. We were like head-bobbing buddies. Man, the only thing that sucks is that I am one of those annoying kids at shows that cant stand still. I was moving the entire night, whether it was swaying, beating my hand on my thigh, or hardcore rocking it out. I could care less though, because I was having the time of my life. No one around me was even moving at all, except for my little cool dude next to me, and he didnt know the words to about 1/3 of the songs.

During the last song, I made my way over to the merch counter to purchase my friends their shirts. There I met up with Dave (my friend dave, not Dave Soloway. I will call my friend DJD b/c he just registered on this board and his username is DaveJustDrive. Anyways.) We hung around merch a little while, and I knew that they'd never come out b/c they would have gotten hounded. So DJD decided he wanted to grab a setlist.

Dave was the only one left on stage, talking to a fan or two, etc.

Oh geez. This is where Alyssa pees in her pants. I got him to sign my ticket, and then DJD told him that it was my birthday and I asked him if I could get a picture with him. So I hopped up on stage and sat there and he shook my hand and said "Its nice to meet you, Happy Birthday!" I cant put into typing words how excited I was. After that, 2 girls were also getting his auuuuuuutograph and talking to him about his shoes and about how they wanted them but in a different color and he remarked something like "I bet you could order them online" or something like that. Haha, then I got to take their pic with him. DJD ended up not being able to get a setlist but that is okay. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I met Dave!!!!

Man. I hope that all of my pics come out. Lisa, I didnt get to take very many. DJD took some close up ones while he was in the pit with my good camera, but only a few. I took quite a few while I was pretty far back, with a disposable, so there's no telling how those will come out.

Okay, so this review is quite long. Who knew how much a band could impact a young adult's life! Hahhaa. I had a great time. What a great Sweet Sixteen. I hope that everyone who is seeing them soon has as good of a time as I did. They wont let you down!

by Alyssa!

2nd Review:

Wow. This weekend was great. So far.

Friday i got up at 7:30ish and i helped with my mom's garage sale. then i went to Kelli's house to get in the RV for the 4 hour trip to the CC State meet. Saves the day was in town too. A very large perk of supporting my team. :)

The ride there was longggg, but fun. Me and alyssa were the only ones who didn't sleep. we got there and the traffic was built up really bad. We got out of the RV and walked to the RV park. Alyssa kept mumbling something about getting raped by the Alcoholics doing community service. I found a liscense plate, and drew told dead baby jokes. we got there and checked in no prob, but our cabin was really small. whatever though because it worked. We left for the show at about 4:30 and thanks to traffic got there at about 5:30. Door times changed and opened at 6:00. there was a huge line.

Saturday looks good to me played first. they weren't that good, so i went to the merch and bought a white shirt with a color by number bird on it. Next was kind of like spitting. they rocked the house. at the end they played Passionate! YAY! I went to go buy a KOLS shirt but they didn't have any, but i met the bass player and got an autograph. Later we found ben the lead singer/guitarist and we talked for a little bit and got a signature also. This is cool.... later on that night i saw him 4 more times and he said "hey dave" each time! Whhooo Hoo.

Ash was great. i wish i had looked into them before the show. I worked my way into the front row, and i lost alyssa and rachel a few rows back. Saves the day walks on stage after a long sound check. Chris's hair is long....... They rocked so hard it wasn't even funny. I got choked and punched so much i threw up and i had to exit the floor, but i had a good view of the rest of the show. After the show i went and bought a poster and we went to the stage and guess who we saw??
DAVE!!!! alyssa was freaking out and they got a picture together and he signed her ticket. he signed my poster. yay.

we stopped and ate at some denny's spinoff that wasn't very good. who cares. we stayed up late in the cabin and roasted mini marshmallows on our grill. rockin. i broke the window on accident.....

the meet was awesome. we got 8th in girls (i think?) and 4th in guys. paul got 3rd on the team again.

bob got really sick and collapsed. an ambulance took him away. i am very worried.

the ride home was long, but still fun iguess. we stopped at cracker barrel, Mr. Bollin's treat :). I actually slept for an hour or two and then we came home, and that is where i am as of now.

By Dave