Hershey Park Stadium - Hershey, PA

by Punker1313[at]hotmail[dot]com

Supporting Acts: Green Day, Blink 182

Well only one thing could summarize seeing Saves The Day....INFREAKINCREDIBLE! I have been waiting forever to see them and now i finally got my chance.

I arrived at the stadium around 3:30 to wait in line,luckily i saw some friends and got up with them. Finally around 6:15 they left us in and after long secuirty checks i ran to try to get as close to the front as possible. then after another wait Saves The Day finally took the stage at 7:30 opening with my favorite song from stay what you are, "as your ghost takes flight". Surprisingly, even though most of the crowd didn't know them seemed into them from the start. After "as you ghost..." the played a few more off stay what you are then played an oldie from through being cool, "all star me". seeing as how they played that i was expecting more old right after that....NOPE! Right back into newbies. Oh well,i still like those songs too.

After a few more from the new album they played "my sweet fracture", one of my all time favorite songs! Again right after that back to songs off stay what you are. closing out the show was "at your funeral","freakish", and "firefly".

All in all it was awesome! The only fault in the set was them not playing more older songs. Can't wait for the next time to see them again. Hopefully in a club instead of arena. Cause saves the day should not be playing those types of places! anyways...that's my review. There's the list of songs they did(a few might be out of order)

as your ghost takes flight
see you
cares and calories
certain tradgedy
all star me
all i'm losing is me
my sweet fracture
at your funeral

by Punker1313[at]hotmail[dot]com