Galleria - San Francisco, California

by Cheryl Mendiola

Supporting Acts: Ash, Kind of Like Spitting, Saturday Looks Good To Me

Okay everyone, I traveled five hours to go to San Fransisco California to see my favorite band, SAVES THE DAY! I absolutely hate to travel but let me tell you that they put on the best concert I have ever been to! My plans were to also see them in Hollywood and Anaheim you know have a SAVES THE WEEK! But, health and work prevented it. I could kick myself now because before the show I saw the tour bus and took a video, I even had a shirt made that said " SAVES THE DAY SAVES MY DAY! and wanted it signed oh so bad, but I honestly didn't want to bother them. I am a mother of four teens who have their own band and I am very proud of my kids. I know that the parents of SAVES THE DAY are proud of them too! They are great and I would see them again and again they were just soooooooooo good! If you know how I can contact them let me know!

By Cheryl Mendiola
Tulare, Ca.