Municipal Auditorium - Nashville, TN

by Phillip Head

Supporting Acts: Weezer

This particular show was from the Hyper Extended Midget Tour (part 3 or so), where Saves The Day was opening for Weezer.

A friend of mine and I have been huge fans of the Weez forever, and we were stoked to see them. I'll also mention that a band called Ozma played right before Saves The Day, and they were great. Check them out if you haven't heard of them yet.

Anyways, Ozma only played around 5 songs, then Saves The Day took the stage. Total, Saves the Day probably played around 30-45 minutes, I'm not positive. They probably played around 15 songs though, one right after another. At this point, I didn't know too much about Saves The Day, I listened to a few of their songs before we left, but I was so excited about seeing Weezer I wasn't really into them at the time. So this unprepared me, watching Saves the Day and I get TOTALLY wrapped up in it!

Chris' voice was absolutely beautiful. He also has an incredible stage presence. It was an amazing show, everyone appeared to be sticking everything. It just seemed to me that they meshed really well as a band, and they complimented each other very well.

I don't remember a setlist, but I do remember Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots, Freakish, At Your Funeral, and Cars & Calories. As far as the setlist goes, my friend that I was with made a CD with a bunch of Saves The Day songs (she didn't know much of them either), and she was bitter when the only ones she knew were Holly Hox and Cars & Calories! The look on her face each time they started a new song she didn't know was priceless!!!

Since this show, I have gotten really into Saves The Day, and I'm proud to say that I get to see them again June 14th in Indianapolis, IN on the Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day and Blink 182. I'm so stoked!!!

by Phillip Head