and it's not fair why do i have to be so?
oh i feel everything much more
much more than you ever will
and it's too hard when i can't even catch your eye
i can't send you messages
at night i dream of reasons i can't let you go
but i don't know if it's time to crack through your walls
so thick that i can't see past you
(and last summer wasn't enough for me)
and now that winter comes the cold beats harder
and no one is left alone
and i'm offering you me right now
take me i'm yours
and i won't have it any other way
so don't let fools be carried by what i say
the night keeps looking our way
and you're not seeing what i'm missing
'cause i am here missing you
and i think that we should run as fast as we can into what we don't know
woah woah it's time to let me in
woah woah it's time to let me in
i feel just fine.