Cars and Calories

her life was magazines and faithful tv screens
selling an empty dream of cars and calories
and everything in between
the sun and saturn's ring,
but the price tag can't be seen
and it took bites out of her insides
till she was just a hollow shell.
she grew up in east LA watching celebrities
living out all her dreams.
the plastic canopy of U.S. royalty
drew her gaze towards the sky and away from her own mind.
and at her home her mother cried cause daddy had something on the side
and they didn't look up when she sighed.
and when august came around,
the bathing suits were on the group
replaced by a cotton cloak.
to see her own reflection was like squinting in the sun.
and when all tomorrow brings is a set of broken wings
it takes bites out of your insides till you are just a hollow shell