Do You Know WHat I Love the Most?

do you know what i love the most?
even suburbs would be o.k.
with you between my sheets
the breeze in the window
'cause we will go there and ignore all our neighbors
i think i'll bring you breakfast and play Johnny Cash on the stereo
i'll sit in the lazy chair all day remembering the things you do
so when you come home i jump up to kiss you oh
and it knocks you back
you'll fall over our TV set
i'll pick you up and dust you off
baby let's give it a go
i'll kiss your thighs to make you feel all right
and then i'll get closer to taste a little sweat
oh i think i'm rearing to go
you're gonna get knocked out and tied up in my trunk
in ten years we'll go to ohio and steal cadillac's for a living.