Synergy Mag's Interview with Pete Parada

Synergy Mag
Interview with Pete Parada

Saves The Day: Interview with Pete Parada by Ilana Taub from Synergy Mag

I can't even keep this up for a sentence. I really wanted to play it off like this was just a random interview and I had the gusto to ask Pete ridiculous questions. But truth is we are buds and so this was just a chance to have fun with the Saves the Day drummer (also of the recently disbanded Face to Face and even played a tour with Alkaline Trio). But what our conversation lacked in serious music talk is made up for in bad porn stories, halo matches and talk of hot red heads. Is anyone complaining?

Ilana: I could do a fun interview with you and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions (with people not knowing i know you)

Pete: There's not much to learn. We play, the kids jump around, everyone goes home happy.

Ilana: What is the craziest thing Saves the Day has done in a hot tub?

Pete: I got totally naked. It was contagious. Not pretty, just contagious. Next question.

Ilana: Who in your band has the nicest ass?

Pete: Anyone's ass is better than mine

Ilana: Do you ever want to hit Josh Freese in the face with a drumstick for taking all the good jobs?

Pete: Josh is the best. He should get all the good jobs

Ilana: boo ~ PC answers never get to print~

Pete:: I'm not lying. I can't think of a bad thing to say about him. Sorry.

Ilana: work on it for next time

Ilana: Do you ever sit around the Vagrant offices waiting for a band to call you to drum?

Pete: No. I just wait at home. It's been a while. I'm down to one band now. It's weird

Ilana: Do you ever want to start your own band from scratch instead of joining totally rad ones?

Pete: Sure. I'd love to be there at the beginning of something instead of being the new guy. I'm sick of hearing how the old guy was better

Ilana: What band is better at Halo?

Pete: Saves the Day. Face to Face likes Nintendo.

Ilana: Wait, who was it that you played connecting the tour buses with a wire?

Pete: Saves the Day versus our crew, and sometimes Moneen.

Ilana: Halo 2 could keep you on tour for a year.

Pete: I hope so. I'm freakin out at home

Ilana: Is Saves The Day going to stay off the road until the album is done?

Pete: Maybe. Not sure till we start working on the new songs.

Ilana: Is there any chance of a revival of the Through Being Cool sound, or is that gone forever?

Pete: Who knows? Every record is different. I'd like to get back to the peppiness of that record. We'll see what happens.

Ilana: If you could line up your dream tour, who would it be?

Pete: Taking Back Sunday and the Get Up Kids. I've never had more fun in my life than with those bands.

Ilana: You need to book a show with Ashley Simpson so she can jig for you.

Pete: Dude, I don't want none of her jigginess.

Ilana: I could go so many places with that, but I'll refrain

Pete: Go ahead: I ain't going there with her!

Ilana: Well...what hot celebs would you want to get "jiggy" with?

Pete: Ooooh, tough question. Ummm Julianne Moore, Claire Danes

Ilana: Wow, I didn't know you had a thing for redheads.

Pete: Ha! I didn't even notice that. Kate Winslet is cool.

Ilana: See! You do! How bout that girl from that 70's show? Or Lindsay Lohan?

Pete: Lindsey is getting too trashy for me. 70's show girl is cool.

Ilana: This is coming from someone I've seen in a skirt on MULTIPLE occasions

Pete: Yeah, but I don't give it away to just anyone.

Ilana: OK you have one minute. Talk to me about how rad the Alkaline Trio is, from first hand experience. Go!

Pete: I love the Trio. Matt and Danny are two big teddy bears to me. They are still one of my favorite bands. They were on the first four tours I did with Face to Face. I don't have any dirt on them.

Ilana: Do you have a favorite Alkaline Trio album?

Pete: That's tough. Probably the I Lied my Face Off EP. And Goddammit. But my favorite songs are "Goodbye Forever," "You're Dead." and "'97." They've had some really good songs on comps lately. The Hot Water Music split was really good

Ilana: Saves The Day's favorite bad tour movie?

Pete: We love Showgirls. And Dreamcatcher. And The Core. And anything on Skinamax, like Bikini Airlines or Bikini Frankenstein. We found old porn at a truck stop once called Face Bath. We thought that was the best thing ever.

Ilana: Sounds hot. Who kept it?

Pete:: Our old tour manager. It sucked. No one got their face bathed with anything. Totally false advertising

Ilana: Really? You should speak with the porn company marketing person and demand your money back.

Pete: It was from the seventies. I'm sure they don't care now

Ilana: They probably have a kid going to one of your shows.

Pete: Well then he owes us.

Ilana: With a face bath?

Pete: you know it!

Ilana: I'm nervous to know what you were hoping for (in the movie) to not be disappointed.

Pete: We just wanted our two dollars worth of face baths!

Ilana: I can't even follow that up.