Superhero's Interview with Chris Conley

Interview with Chris Conley

Love 'em or hate 'em, as the hackneyed cliche' goes, but a lot of kids can't see, to resist them. Saves the Day's melodies are infectious. Having drawn numerous comparisons to Lifetime with their first outing, the band has finally found their own identity with their latest full length, "Through Being Cool." Vocalist Chris, called us from his cell phone during one of Saves the Day's numerous, extensive road jaunts, to talk to us about his band - Bryan, Eben, Dave and Ted - and that nasty reputation "the kids" keep spreading.

Who came up with the concept for the record design?

That was all of us. We all decided that we needed a nice looking record this time, cause "Can't Slow Down" didn't look too nice. We were all brainstorming, and Bryan and Dave pretty much came up with the idea. It was their project. We all helped but it was pretty much Bryan and Dave who came up with all of that.

Who are all of those kids?

They're all friends of ours. We all brought several of our friends and made a big group.

Was the atmosphere as fun as it looks?

Yeah! It was really fun. It took a long time but it was very fun.

The lyrics to the song "Through Being Cool" make it sound like you have a problem taking you the wrong way, or thinking you're somebody that you're not.

Exactly. We were seeing a lot of bad things being said about us, especially on the internet or whatever. It's just stupid. People hide behind screen names. I've said it a thousand times. I think that's cowardly. I was just getting fed up. People were talking about the way that I looked even or the way that I dressed. If that's the kind of attention you get from being in a band that's known, then I'd rather make music for myself and a few select people than have the bullshit that's attached to being in a popular band. I don't know how it is in other scenes, but in the hardcore/punk scene, that's how it is. I wanted to be through with that. "Through Being Cool." That's what the song is about. I couldn't write it about a general group of people, so I used this roommate of mine from my first semester of college, that I really didn't like, to embody all of those emotions.

You guys have a bad reputation that seems to follow you. People say you're all rich kids, or you're full of attitude, or you're dicks. Where does that come from?

I don't know. OK. When we had out old bass player, Sean- not to bad talk him, but he wasn't the nicest person to people at shows. That's how we got the reputation of being assholes or whatever. It's not like we're hiding from the fact that our parents have money, as far as you saying we're rich kids or whatever. We all grew up very well. Whatever. It's not like we've ever been trying to be something different. I don't appreciate...I don't care, actually [laughs]. I grew up well and I went to a really nice school. That's not a bad reputation to have.