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Bianca at "Hey Stoopid!" Zine Interview with Chris and Dave

I did this interview with Saves the Day in May at the Chance in Poughkeepsie.. it was a little while after they had got in the accident, and there was a lot of talk going around about them so I decided I would try to set it all straight. Enjoy.

Bianca: Okay first of all, are you guys okay?

Chris: We're fine, thanks. Dave is still missing some teeth though.

Bianca: Yeah I thought you were getting it fixed?

Chris: He had oral surgery.

Dave: I had a lot of surgery

C: Open your mouth, these two teeth in the front were pushed up inside his gums.

D: You couldn't see them.

C: It looked like he lost 3 teeth and they had to pull down the 2 teeth and then fix his nose because his nose was really broken. And I had a broken collarbone. I'm about 99 percent healed.

D: You feel fine.

C: I feel really good. 99 percent better.

B: Okay so how are you dealing with this big explosion of fans, and your huge popularity?

C; Uh, I haven't noticed it.

B: Oh whatever.

D: Oh c'mon you noticed it.

B: Look at the shows now. Look at tonite and then look at the last time you played here.

D: It's been a natural progression. People see us once and then they see us again 3 months later, and there's a difference and they can notice it. But we're playing every nite you know? So we don't notice it as much.

C: Yeah we don't notice it.

B: So is it scary? Are you scared? Like that you'll become really big, like Backstreet Boys or something. I mean just for an example.

C: No I'm not scared. You wanna know why?

B: Why?

C: Because that's why we're playing this music, and that's why I write the songs, because I want people to hear them. I'm a really shy person and I don't know how to communicate with people I don't know, strangers. And it's really really amazing to have someone come up to me and say that the lyrics meant something in their life, say that the lyrics made them cry or whatever.. That's amazing. That's an incredible feeling, and I'm ready for more of it. I want as much of it as possible. I think we're playing really nice music. I think there's a lot of sincerity I don't mean the songs are amazing I just mean there's honesty in our music, and so much of popular music now is bullshit, you know? So I think that we have something a little big different to offer. I mean musically its nothing ground breaking, but just on a whole I think its pretty straight forward and its kinda pure. I mean I'm not a cocky person, I'm just trying to be honest.

D: Okay where are the rumors?

B: The rumors are coming. Just when is the video gonna be on 120 minutes?

C: Next week.

D: We have no fuckin idea. We heard tomorrow, someone told us they already saw it. C: No it definitely hasn't been on yet. Next week maybe. We think next week. Maybe tomorrow, check tomorrow.

B: So number one rumor, the Blink thing.

D: Are all these rumors from the fan page? Because we know all of those already.

B: No, I asked a million people. but I heard that you personally told Mark off. And were like "no fuck you blah blah"

C: No no no. Tom DeLonge came to our show in San Diego and hung out for a little bit and he was nice. And their manager called our booking agent and offered us 6 shows, east coast. 20,000 seat venues, but they wanted us to play on a separate stage outside.

D: while people were coming into the show. It's not like a slap in the face to us, they were doing it.

C: Yeah it is. It is such a slap in the face.

D: Well sort of, but the reason behind it is that they have a curfew and they want to end the shows at an early time, by 10 so that all the younger kids, you know like 10 year olds can come to all the shows, like on weeknights. And they already had the 3 bands that would be on the stage, and for some reason the way that like the organization of the concert was going they couldn't have another band on the main stage. So they wanted us to play, which was cool. But they wanted us to play outside, and that was just something like integrity wise that we weren't comfortable doing.

B: So would you have played if they could have put you inside?

D: Yeah.

C: Sure. I don't think we would have done the entire tour, We'd do a couple shows.

D: We definitely would have done it inside. We were excited about it when they called but it ended up being a little weird. Like we were gonna be playing outside it just sounded a little silly. And we are kind of above that.

B: Okay, I'm definitely not asking that one.

C: Ask it. [I ended up asking but its off the record]

C: Everyone knows everything.

D: There are no secrets. What about the mole on the inside of your butt cheek?

C: I have some lint in my ass.

B: I heard something about this tour, the set on fire tour.

C: Yeah I was talking to the guy who was doing that for a while, but it seemed like it wasn't anything, you know, special.

D: But basically we're going to be working on our record then, so we're not doing any shows.

B: Some girl told me that you hate your brother.

C: I don't have a brother.

B: Then that was a lie. She said that on stage in Philly you said you hated your dad, and something about your brother.

C: What?!?! I told a story about my step brother, my little brother Bliss.

B: Yeah that, that was it.

C: I love bliss. I told about how he goes to his little middle school dances and he touches girls in the ass. And I told them it was stupid.

B: Okay, some kid told me he thought you were deaf. That's obviously not true..this kid told me you have your own hair stylist.

D: You do Chris..

C: I sort of do, I sort of do, his name is George. I swear to god.

B: No but someone who like comes on the road with you and does your hair before every show.

C: No, he wants to come on the road.

D: Does he?

C: Yeah he's a weirdo.

D: We don't have the money for that, are you kidding?!?

C: I pay him 40 dollars to cut my hair, and its not a 40 dollar hair cut. But I don't care.

D: Chris is really neurotic about his hair.

C: No I'm not. I'm definitely not.

D: Between you two and me, Chris spends about 15 or 20 minutes on his hair.

C: What?!?! Dave, it's two minutes!! That's bullshit, 15 minutes. Fuck, Bryan spends the whole day playing with his self in the mirror.

D: Yeah that's Bryan. That's Bryan.

C: That's fucked up Dave.

B: Did a pillow that you slept on one night sell on Ebay for 100 dollars?

D: Yeah.

C: Justin Gaylord, our old guitar player sold a pillow on Ebay for 100 dollars.

D: He sold his own pillow? I thought someone else sold his pillow.

C: No no, he did it I think..oh no no no, someone else sold a pillow that he left somewhere, on Ebay.

B: That is ridiculous.

C: Yeah its fucked up.

B: Okay, I have something here about a Dan Yemin project? Like a CD that you're contributing to.

C: Yeah. He's doing a studio project for Jade Tree Records and he's writing songs and have a different singer on every song. And he asked me to do it, so I'm gonna.

B: Cool. Okay this is the last one, this kid told me you recorded "Handsome Boy" for "Short Music For Short People", but it got rejected.

C: Absolutely not. I don't even know what that is.

B: It's a Fat Wreck Chords comp with 101 songs that are 30 seconds long.

C: That song is over a minute long.

B: Okay, well, I think that's it. Do you have anything to say?

D: C'mon, more rumors.

C: Gimme one more rumor.

B: Well some kid told me that he thought you were gay?

C: No. I have man crushes but I'm not gay. I've had a girlfriend for 2 years.. People probably think I'm gay cause .. [some girl knocks on the door and opens it]

Girl: Is it really true that Dave has an inverted penis?

D: Have some french fries.

C: That was Sasha, she's Todd Morris from H2O's girlfriend.

B: Okay, that's it.

D: More rumors, more rumors.

B: I don't have any more, I can make some up.

D: You can't make some up, its not the same.

B: Okay well this is a question then, are you thinking about signing to a major label?

C: We got approached by a lot of labels, but we didn't want to do that.

B: Never?

D: Not never. Never say never.

C: If an opportunity presents itself..

D: When it's a natural step to take and we have to do it, if and when we get to the point where we're not going to sell anymore records on an independent label like any more than 10 (thousand), then we will.

B: Okay, the end. Thank you. Bye.