Purerock.de's Interview with Eben D'amico

Interview with Eben D'amico

Saves The Day interview by Purerock.de

purerock.de: Introduce yourself please.

Eben: My name is Eben, I play in the band Saves the Day.

Who came up with the name, Saves the Day?

I think it was actually the former bass player of the band, that I replaced.

Did Ted really leave the band?

Yes, he did. He's no longer with us. It was kind of a mutual decision between all of us. Ted really wasn't happy playing in the band anymore and also we thought that it would make more sense for Chris to be playing the songs on guitar because he writes them and we thought that he should be playing them also.

Your last album, Stay What You Are, was re-released in Europe on September 2nd.

Yeah, that's what I hear.

What is special on Stay What You Are, and what is different to Through Being Cool?

You can her that we're starting to mature and grow up as people and musicians, and you know, we're having more influences as we grow older.

What do you think about bands like Sum41 or Blink? Do you think it's good that they are on MTV and on the radio?

Hm, I guess. I mean it's better than Limp Bizkit. But it's not really music I would listen to.

Would like something like this happen for Saves the Day, being on MTV for instance?

Yeah, as long as we still make the music that we want to make, and the way we are comfortable doing it, I'm fine with whatever happens to us.

Are you satisfied with Vagrant and how they promoted Stay What You Are? Are you going to stay there?

Yes, we're very happy with Vagrant and the label, Vagrant was the perfect home for us for this record and we look forward to making another record for Vagrant.

Do you know when your new website will be online?

Very soon, actually. Chris and I are both working on a concept for it right now, so we're hoping that it will have a bunch of stuff up before we leave for our next tour, which is in October. So probably in the next three weeks, there will be stuff on there.

What are your plans for the next year, concerning tours and new recordings?

Well, we are going on a headlining tour in October, with the band Ash, from Ireland. And than we're gonna start working on a new record. We're gonna be busy with that till probably early April.

Will you come to Europe sometime?

Yes, right after we finished the new record we'll come to Europe. Next April or May probably.

Great. You are not a political band, but it's only five day till 9/11. What do you think about the strong patriotism in the US now?

Well, I think it's good that many people in our country reacted the way they did and especially in our city, because I live in NY, where the attack happened. I think it's important for us to go along with our lives and continue the way we would normally be behaving. Because it was a terrible, terrible thing that happened last year, but, you know, this thing never really happened in our country, but it happens in other countries, and there are these countries with people fighting and dying all the time, so it's important for us to just go on with our lives, cope with it and think positive.

Where do you see yourself and Saves the Day in ten years?

I hope that we're still putting out records. I would love still be playing in the band in ten years, I don't know what's gonna happen. But I prefer to not looking in the future at all, I prefer to just live each day and enjoy it, as what it is.

What about musical idols, what's your favourite band at the moment?

I think we all have a large number of favourite bands and musicians, but if we could pick one, it would be of course the Beatles. But there are so many bands that we look love and look up to for different reasons.

Which band did you like most to tour with?

There have been a lot of bands and pretty much every tour we went on has been enjoyable for us and it's wonderful to go on tour with a new band because you make new friends with that band and you meet new people that way. Every band we've been on tour with has been a wonderful pleasure to tour with. It was great to tour with Green Day.

Do you have a favourite Saves the Day song?

I don't know, they're all great for me to play. I like all of them. It's different every night, depending on the show, on how we're playing. One song can be great and the other can be horrible, and on the next night, that same song can be horrible and another one great.

What do you do beside being in Saves the Day?

I have very little time to do things other than being in Saves the Day, because being in a band consumes most of your life. So when I'm home I just try to relax, we go to museums, see movies, I just do what normal people do.

Some short questions, you've got to decide one way or the other.


Playing live or in studio?

Oh wow, good question. I would say live. Because there's a certain kind of energy, when you play in front of a crowd of people that I don't think you can get from anywhere else. But it's very close because recording music in the studio is something that is extremely enjoyable also.

Beer or wine?

Good question, wine.

Indoor or outdoor shows?


Do you do things with groupies you would not do with your girlfriends?

Oh no, never, I would never cheat on my girlfriend.

Ok, I think we're done. Any last words?

Hello out there in German land! We hope to see you soon.

Thank you!

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